As a website marketing agency owner, I was presented just recently with an matter of one of my customers getting a negative rating on their Google Local page. Essentially, the customer’s wrangle was that he (lets call him Matt) had booked the price evaluation for an a/c installation yet nobody showed up.

My client did their due diligence and looked up their own history and discovered that the individual was in fact called at the time on the telephone that was provided at which a lady had replied and said that they already own an air conditioner device! And so, to see precisely why Matt didn’t put in another call instead of writing this negative rating, a phone call was made to him to which he replied in a rude and unexpected style.

Ok so, this remark appeared suspect to me having said that there’s certainly no other way to verify whether Matt works for a competitor, i.e. there exists some form of conflict of interest or he is in truth unhappy and this is simply a case of misunderstanding. Since my own customer had already executed everything in their power, it was up to myself as their SEO company to try and remedy this via this major search engine.

Considering that something like this hadn’t impacted any of my clients in the past, I decided to enquire a bit more with Google as to what can be done in regards to this. I envisioned that the person who owned the business, in this case my client would be able to have a right of response to this review so anyone can view it and make up their own mind.

Thankfully, this was the reality. Just one thing you need to do regarding your Google local listing is that you are the verified person who owns the Google Places page. Google has a very good page that gives you steps as to the advisable way to respond to a comment or a rating where you as the owner feel you have been hard done by. Perform a search to find out how to effectively answer to a review of your company.

Because of the fact that we’re the verified owners of the page already, we were equipped to log on to our Google profile and create a reply to this, as it happens – negative rating (odd in our honest opinion).

It goes without saying that to retain the high reputation of the business, every single business owner ought to be as inclined as possible as it is the customer service as well as good-quality that could separate good from poor companies and in the end invite ever more customers.

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