I’ve been thinking about starting a Daddy blog. I think it would focus on my day and the life of what I do with my kids. I will air it on YouTube since I have tons of experience with that. I will create the show branding and signage as well… since I know how to do that as well. I will also create all the branding for the YouTube channel as well.

I would have to start by figuring out what I would write about. The next thing I think I will do is start to write all the potential concepts of what I can shoot about. If I do a little research I can probably find tons of other blogs that have some pretty good ideas. You don’t wan to plagiarizer or steals someone else exact material but it’s definitely ok to use what you’ve learned and make it better.

After narrowing down what show topics I will figure out which ones I will go with and begin to script them out to about eight to twelve episodes or segments. After I finalize the story lines the next step is to get a budget for production, marketing and advertising. Once I do this It will help me offset cost and allow us to recoup our investment.

Shooting will be a long and time consuming part of the project. But first I must still now shoot my projected scripts and make sure that I can afford to bring on a cast, props whatever it is I need. I would try to recommend cutting down on coast by cutting down on locations. Limit the story lines to be simpler and focus on content much more than production.

After producing several shows, editing them for final delivery and uploading to the web, things can be a long process. But with the right team or consultants in place you can be sure to succeed in creating a YouTube channel that will build you a niche.

If you do not market or get the word out on your video nothing will matter. The last thing I will do is distribute and market this content like know ones business. We have a proven system that will blast and attract niche audiences that love your material. Niche audiences that we have identified who will love your work, your expertise.

Starting a YouTube channel is a challenge but if you have all the components together you can become very successful. Make sure to find out as much information before jumping into it. If you need help staring a niche our company specialized in developing niche channels.

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