Although it has been overtaken by Tumblr as the site with the highest number of bloggers in the world, WordPress is still a highly popular site that is used by millions of people. The main reason for this is that it allows users to customize so many aspects of their sites. Nothing allows customization and a personalized touch than a WordPress social plugin. It is difficult to pick on that is better than the other, particularly since most of them serve different purposes.

Facebook Open Graph Meta, for example, allows site owners to change the appearance of their sites on Facebook. According to statistics, this is the most popular of all WordPress plugins. It is simple to install and customize, and once it is up, it allows users to interact and link with their Facebook profiles and pages very easily. This app was developed by Facebook itself, and continues to gunner popularity by the day.

Another common plugin is the WP Social Toolbar. This is a set of buttons that are placed on the site, and can be used mostly to share content on the common interactive site. It is very popular among users, particularly since it is lightweight, good looking and easy to customize. With it, Facebook and Twitter are hardly more than a button away.

For content sharing, there is an app known as ShareThis that when plugged into the website, allows for easy content sharing. Not only can it be used on a PC, it also allows use on different platforms and devices like Android and Apple. The best part about ShareThis is that it can be customized to suit the color scheme of the website. It does not stick out like a sore thumb.

The WP Tweet Button and the Follow Button are also very popular with WP users, particularly with those that use Twitter frequently. They allow people to read, access and respond to different tweets whenever they want. They have become particularly common with the increase in use of Twitter.

For site owners that love to use YouTube, Smart YouTube is perfect for them. It allows them to embed YouTube videos into their sites faster and easier. It also allows them to organize their sites faster and better.

As it appears, it seems that every WordPress social plugin is made to make the process of accessing the most common sites easier and classier. They allow interactivity between users and the site owner. If used properly, these apps can also be amazing ways of marketing contents in a site, or even products and services.

The WordPress social plugin is a tool that allows users to take full advantage of the benefits. You can use a WordPress Share plugin to reach the maximum number of targeted responses.

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