When you develop a website, the web designer‘s job is much easier if you have a clear understanding of your client’s marketing objectives. With a firm plan to work to, you’ll save time, avoid the pain of re-doing work that missed the mark, and be able to work more confidently. You will also be able to work closely with the copywriter, as you will both be on (pardon the pun!) the same page.

While some clients will have clear ideas and objectives, you will find others are unsure or vague. That is when you should ask the question: what IS the end goal? I HAS to be more specific than “build a good website”. Do they want to generate leads from the site? Sell products or services online? What about subscribers to their newsletter? Investing time talking to your client to help them to understand the possibilities for the site is ALWAYS time well spent! It can save you a LOT of pain as the project unfolds.

Learning to think this way and be objective-oriented in your work can boost your career as a professional website developer. You are setting an expectation for a quality service, and this in turn (Assuming you deliver!) can lead a higher client satisfaction level. Instead of being the web person who ‘created a nice site’, you’ll be the one who added value by making the site a part of your client’s marketing efforts. The natural flow on is that you’ll be positioned to charge a premium for your professionalism.

While each client will probably have slightly different ideas, steering them towards a website that is based on direct response principles is nearly always the best way to go. Some clients will have trouble understanding this if they have been working on an offline environment with their marketing, where it is difficult to measure results. In an offline environment, you have to rely on people remembering your advertisement when they are out shopping, and choosing your brand when they make a purchase. In the online environment, response is much more immediate. It is much easier to get people to take action, to either buy or at least register interest by subscribing to a newsletter or something similar.

The other issue to consider as a web developer is to balance the copywriting/content of the site with the graphic design. Good, strong, meaty content is of vital importance. It is needed to build value and sell the product or service – and of course, from an SEO perspective, good content will be a great help. SEO is becoming increasingly important, as determining relevance for rankings is increasingly influenced by the richness of the content of the site.

With regard to content, you could provided an added paid service of writing the content for the sites you build. You will add value for your client, and this means that your fees will increase. If you develop 25 websites a year, and make an additional $1,000 in copywriting fees on each one, that is an additional $25,000 a year income for your business. It is good for your clients, and good for you!

Having a clear plan for each website you build is very important, and will elevate you to being a web designer who delivers a much higher level of service from those who ‘simply build a website’. It will position you as being interested in your client’s overall business success, and will help you to build a strong following of loyal customers. It will also mean you’ll get more referral business, so you can build a solid foundation for a strong, successful career.

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