Social media agency and marketing firm are the fundamental facilitators of online promotion. Online promotion is the use of communications via the Internet itself to raise awareness about a site and drive traffic to it. This promotion may take the form of links from other sites, banner advertisements or targeted e-mail messages. And if you know anything about the functions of marketing firm and social media agency then you know that both of these businesses deal with special forms of online promotion.

A marketing firm is a business that has an effect on the distribution and sales of goods and services from producer to consumer; including goods or service development, pricing, packaging, advertising, merchandising, and distribution. However there is another part to a marketing firm, via the advertising sections which are called Web marketing. Web marketing deals with advertising that happens online which, in other words, is online promotion.

A social media agency is a sector that specializes in promoting brands and businesses on various social media platforms and tools like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, social networking sites, online communities and discussion forums. This is, in my opinion, has a clearer link between what this business is, and what online promotion actually is. However, I think to linking these two companies with online promotion would be better illustrated via an example.

Now a marketing firm and a social media agency typically have departments for marketing or social media, depending on what the main business design is, so I will be referencing this example by using one business with one of these departments. An example of online promotion would be if a marketing firm, like fishbat for example, had an up in coming business hiring them to get the word out about their business. One of the things fishbat could do is set up a Facebook webpage and advertises contests, deals, and giveaways to entice customers to buy this company’s products. Thus they are using online promotion tactics.

This is why social media agency and marketing firm are the basic facilitators of online promotion. They are because they are the two companies, businesses would obtain to promote and exploit their business to the world.

fishbat is an online web marketing agency that can help you with SEO and reputation management. For more information contact fishbat now!. This article, Using a Social Media Agency for Online Promotion is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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