If you have a website and has never heard of Google Page Rank, it’s time you learn what it is this. The Page Rank is can increase the success of your website. Having a good Google Page Rank of your site can make a real difference. Let’s look closer to what is Google Page Rank and importance to every owner of a website. First let’s talk a bit about the Google Search Engine.

Google is not only one of the most popular search engines or acquaintances on the internet, is also the largest of its kind. The company focuses on the surfers to have a quick and easy access to any information. Google has designed a unique system in terms of how the information provided. Google since its inception in 1996 has grown tremendously and so it has become a dominant force on internet. That’s why all those who have a website, know what is the Google Page Rank.

What determines the Page Rank of a website is the number of backlinks it has. It has a complicated algorithm that works by classifying the most relevant sites online. For example when someone searches for something on Google, they receive an answers by giving the most relevant website as a result. There are many factors involved and the exact formula is unknown. However, there are many known tricks to increase a Page Rank.

Exactly how Google determines certain results for sites is really a mystery. This is why Google is really good returning relevant results. A good way to increase your Page Rank is by start a link building system. The purpose is to build as many quality backinks as you possibly can. The better your link building the higher your Page Rank will be in time.

Your main concern should be generating the best backlinks for your site. Try to be really picky about what backlinks you build. With a higher Page Rank also comes higher rankings for many keywords. The result will be quality traffic for your website. The more traffic you get, the more money you could make.

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