There are advantages of local marketing for small businesses and they need to know how to get them and make them a benefit. The prospective customers will first need to know where the firms are and what they offer to the customer. People cannot shop at places that they don’t know.

The first way to go is to let the public know where the business is and what you deal with. Putting an advert in the local paper or on radio is a good way to get to the public that might become customers in the future. Many will give leaflets out at shopping malls or they may put them through people’s doors in the area.

On the information that they give out they will also let the public know what they deal with and what they are selling. This could be products or services or anything in between. If the firms have competition then they will also include prices as well if they think they offer good value.

Advertising is, in general, very expensive so the firms will have to give themselves a manageable budget so they are not spending money they cannot afford to lose. Advertising locally will be cheaper than nationally and this is a better way for single firms to go. They maybe able to put an ad on radio as well.

When the businesses deal with products and services that are not seen as being used by the average person they will need to look elsewhere for advertising. Specialist magazines would be the way to go and the people that buy these would be the firms prospective customers.

Local marketing for small businesses in done to increase the amount of customers which will in turn up turnover and profit. As long as they are aiming at the right people then this should be a good incentive to get more customers using the business and making more money for the owners.

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