With Google just announcing that its freshness algorithm, Google Caffeine, will now effect 35% of search results, SEO writers will have to alter their approach to writing posts purposed to rank for specific keywords.

Google Caffeine was launched last year as an algorithm to allow Google to comb the web for what’s fresh, hot, recent, and pertinent. Since then, Google said it already gained momentum as Caffeine allows indexing quickly and at enormous extent.

This significantly impacts SEO. Now, SEO copywriters have to qualify for the T-R-U check in their content creation and curation.

Timely. Are your posts timely? Do they have related information? Caffeine is ranking timely posts higher than timeless articles so make sure to catch the trends and anchor the keyword-based post on the trending topics. This demands creativity and SEO writing technique and a little more study, but the extra exertion is going to produce results.

Recurring. SEO content writers can now plan their posts ahead, to consist of posts on recurring events. For instance, writers can do a bit on the presidential elections, or the NFL, as well as other events of international importance. When a searcher enters a keyword linked to an event, Google will return that result high in the rankings for the reason that it is an event that is essentially happening.

Updated. Google will immediately serve information to searchers as though serving newly baked cookies. Google thinks that searchers want pertinent and well-run information, not information from a week ago which people already know. Google understands that most searchers want to be at the foremost edge of information.

Google Caffeine has absolutely redefined the ways information from Google is ranked. Writers will do well ranking their posts if they not only focus on keyword phrases, but if they write their articles in such a way that passes the TRU standards.

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