[youtube:XCviGuybOyY;[link:Need More Traffic?];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCviGuybOyY&feature=related]Getting a website online is a major process and thought needs to be put into it. You can put up any old pages or you can concentrate on targeted website traffic. It is a large internet and if you want to be seen you will need a plan. Here are some key elements into creating a successful plan for your website presence.

SEO: You may have seen this acronym before but did not know what it means. It stands for search engine optimization. It is basically what you do every day when you get online and search for something. You type in what you want to research, find out information, or learn about someone. If you want to find a picture or anything else you will use your search engine. Optimizing is the part that you will take advantage of.

Key Words: The key words in a search will be what comes up. You need to be precise and simply state what you are all about. If you are a small dog kennel in Seattle, Washington then these need to be in your key word use. If you have aromatherapy for dogs then another key word will be aromatherapy. So when someone searches for Aromatherapy for small dogs in Seattle, WA you will be at the top of the list.

Targeting: When you want to reach specific targets in the markets you will need to take special care to the key words you use. Have you every searched for something online and been led to a totally different place? That is the issue of poor keyword planning. It really is not you, it is them and their poor planning.

Think: Plan ahead and think when using targeting strategies for your website. If you want to be found consider how those will find you. Plan out what you are about and what you want to say. Then think of how others will search for what you have. Test out this theory and you will see what we are talking about.

Content: There is a saying that if you want God to open a door you better be prepared to walk through it. The same is true for your pages. If you have a tacky looking site that has minimal content all the prep in the world will not help your business. Be prepared by having a great website so when people find you they want to stay on your site.

If you need more help there are great articles online that go into detail about each of the subjects above. You want to be successful and have targeted website traffic coming directly to your site. Be prepared, have a plan and follow it through. This is what makes a great website great.

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