Inbound Marketing offered by various providers may vary. They could be ones that are equipment based or people based to meet customers either business need or personal needs. These services could be from unskilled and skilled providers. The providers then have to come up with marketing programs to suit every service need.

Sectors are shifting from manufacturing to service in most nations. Since the advancements of technology and telecommunication this shift has tremendously moved. The long life expectancy and the aging population are causing this these shifts. Services like medical, diets and insurance are up high in need.

Advances in product technology has led to a rise in demand especially maintenance services. As automobile become more computerized, the skills required to repair then increases. Cultural and social changes have occurred in many societies causing a change in the attitudes individuals take towards service.

Hiring many maids to clear your house is no longer reserved for the wealthy. Society no longer feels a man is neglecting his responsibilities when he hires someone to repair his car, mow his lawn or repair his house. What cuts across in all the aspects of this activity is how people position their products. When are organizations have products which are competitive in the market they will draw a greater leverage as compared to their competitors hence giving them an edge.

Marketing mix is a key element and need to be put in place. The service providers need to consider the 7P of marketing with much concern in people, physical evidence and process because most customers place. It greatly affects their attitude and perception because of how they behave and relate.

Physical evidence cues provide excellent opportunity for the firms to send consistent and strong messages regarding the organization purposes, the intended market segments and the nature of the service. Physical evidence would include business cards, letter head and signage. There are a couple of companies that are traditionally known t excel in this field. They have stood the test of time, and through their innovative business processes has enabled them the stay on top of the range.

By nature, some services are complex and the kind of process involved is involving. The process can provide evidence to customers by the way they are either standardized or customized. The process could also allow a customer to judge a service for example one going to a barber shop. Marketing services through the process provide good results expects for customers who want more.

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