You have published a website. Congratulations. It is a very nice, well crafted website with amazing content. You might even be selling some truly phenomenal products on it. Yet, you need to be mindful of whether or not there are any visitors landing on the site. And if they do reach your site, how long are they staying there?

If you have already been doing business with a SEO consultancy service on your Google marketing plan, you are probably very interested in leasing how the process is working. You may have spent a tremendous amount of money already and you are interested in learning how the process is working out. Thankfully, there are quite a number of means in which you can learn the information which you may possess interest. Virtually all web servers will keep a log of what is being done. Every single instance someone views one of your web pages (or different components of the page), the server will add a log entry to keep tabs on the pages views which are also known as hits.

Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to find out. Mostly all web servers will maintain a log of what is occurring. Each and every time someone views one of your web pages (or any of the site’s components) the web server will create a log entry to record a hit which is another name for a page view.Sadly, this is not a log which is easy for the average, everyday user to read. For the layman, the raw data can be very hard to decipher. Do not worry though. Regardless of whether or not you are working with a SEO consultancy on a new Google marketing plan, it can be easy to request website analysis. Your consultant will provide you with a solid overview of how things are going and what type of traffic your website is procurring.

Among the main components to successful Google marketing would be to know your competition. If you have a small business that offers window washing in Portland, learn which similar businesses in the area offer the same service. If you are not sure how to discover this, you need to ask your SEO consultancy to perform some sleuthing on your behalf. Knowing who your competitors are will help you come with a much more effective approach. Understand the components to be analyzed; a highly clear and detailed examination of your website and a definitive analysis will be provided and you will learn whether or not your site is legitimately effective:.

– Home page: Is your homepage presenting clear information which is understandable and informative.

– Navigation: Would the site be immediately considered user-friendly? Is the organization of the website high quality?

– Links: Have the links been properly labeled in such a manner they can be considered easy to interpret? Have they been grouped in a manner that is convenient?

– Content: Have you added sufficient content to the site and does it offer a definitive insight into your business? Does it read well?

– Performance: Are the pages loading in a quick manner? Have portions of it been optimized for easier viewing?

– Better targeting: It is vital to properly target your ads so that you are reaching the right audience. This is an absolutely crucial step, as if your ads or landing page are handled inefficiently, your campaign will suffer. Your consultant will have the skill to properly manage your ads and pages so that they are consistently hitting your target audience

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