Sometimes writing for the search engines and creating quality content can be tough. It is a balance between art and science to do both correctly. The science is applied when you try to optimize your content for search engines giants like Google. When we mention art we refer to providing quality content for the visitors that read our content. Today we will discuss some of the most popular mistakes that marketers do when trying to do both.

One of the most common mistakes when writing for search engines is what is known as keyword stuffing. This is because so many repetitive keywords and phrases in your content can generate negative points with the search engines. Remember not to sacrifice quality for quantity. The algorithms currently in use need to be taken much into account when creating your content. A keyword rich content is only one aspect of the overall calculation.

Tangential use of keywords to their objectives is another good example of an SEO mistake. Many marketers use high traffic keywords with irrelevant content to attempt to gather some of that traffic. The problem is although it might work, visitors will not find relevant information. Most likely they will leave your site and continue searching for more relevant content. Never sacrifice your readers and visitors for more traffic.

Quality content on your website should be your #1 priority. If you have high quality content the traffic will come sooner or later. Don’t focus on simply getting more traffic, focus on getting visitors to return to your site. It is very possible to do both at the same time, but if you don’t know how simply write quality content. Once your visitors see the quality of your content they will automatically share your blog posts and articles.

A blog full with rich content and high target keywords does bring lots of traffic. But credibility with your visitors is far more important than traffic. Finding the balance between search engine optimization and good content for readers is crucial. If you can master both you will see great results. Always go for quality instead of quantity.

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