The Morse Code was invented back in 1844. This ‘language’ was used to transmit messages decades ago, especially during the two World Wars. It is made up of various combinations of dashes and dots, which represent the letters of the alphabet and the numbers. Learning Morse Code can be an intriguing experience.

It is used by the ships to transmit the SOS signal even nowadays. The distress signal is crucial in case of an emergency or desperate situations. The most intriguing feature about it, is the fact that it is simple, and various mediums can be used to transmit it. Even basic things like a flash light, a sound or even the reflection of sunlight by a mirror can be used to send a signal.

Every new thing is learnt from its basics. So it is essential to learn about its basics or the main components. This language is composed of what are known as dits and dahs. The dot is signaled by a short beep. A longer beep represents a dah, and it is around three times longer than the shorter one. The confusion between words and letters is removed using long pauses and short pauses respectively.

To start using it, one can practice developing the codes by first hearing a slow recording of some words so as to familiarize himself to the coding system. One should have a chart for immediate reference of different numbers and letters whenever it is required. One can also memorize the codes with some writing practice.

A good technique is memorizing the letters that are very common, like the letters ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘e’ and ‘t’ etc. So you can start with the letters which are most commonly used and then move to less common letters. After the letters are memorized, move to simple and common words like ‘The’, ‘as’, ‘was’, ‘at’, etc. Finally move to the more complex words.

It is definitely fun to learn, and worth a try. Encrypted messages can be sent if one knows it, and there are still scenarios where it is considered to be a useful method of communication. When Learning Morse Code it is a good idea to follow the tips discussed as they will help you to learn it more quickly.

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