The Shimano Citica D is a revolutionary breakthrough in Shimano’s lineup of baitcasters. They tricked it out with new features and now I am going to tell you what I do think of all the goodies on this reel. It can be undoubtedly constructed like a truck. Retailed at $120, this reel should really be granted some thought.

Here is a list of all the new features that Shimano has place on this design.

– Very low Mass Drilled Spool (D and DPV models only)

– High Effectivity Gearing

– Dartanium Drag

– PV Electric power Paddles (200DPV & DSV models only)

– Drilled Manage Shank

– Dartanium Drag

– Recessed Reel Foot

– Clicking Drag Adjustment

– Reduced Mass VBS Hub

– Much more, Challenging Metal!

– 5 Bearings (4 on 100DSV)

I am very glad that Shimano provided the Low Mass drilled spool in this reel. It absolutely took some of the weight off of the spool for nice extended casts. It may not be the Magnumlite, but it can be a step up from the older model.

High Effectivity Gearing is now the rage for Shimano small profile reels and is now in the Citica. Torque is important for handling large fish and which is what HEG is all about. It does add some weight to the reel, but I think it is surely worth it.

PV Energy Paddles are a nice addition to the 200 sizes. They are larger than most grips and are good when handling significant fish to make certain you’re fingers do not slip off track.

The new drilled take care of shanks that occur on a handful of minimal profiles in Shimano’s lineup do arrive with all Citica versions. It can be a great, weight reducing attribute that also adds to the reels seems.

Dartanium drags are a Shimano classic for smoothness and used being only known to this kind of reels as the legendary Calcutta. It has ultimately been incorporated in the Citica. In fact, it’s been known as one of the smoothest drags in the entire world for a fishing

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