When does this Google madness end? No-one knows. Everybody is on board though attempting to grab whatever piece of return they can from Google Organic results. Hey, it's free, what else are you wanting? If you are a business owner who has leaped into the web waters, I’m sure that you are irritated as hell hearing a million ideas and million techniques from 1,000,000 folk. And you also know that there’s no such thing as “free advertising” in our world, at least not at the moment. So until then, you may wish to keep on reading.

“The secret to SEO” This is a dull title fundamentally because of the fact that it sounds rather like a generic get loaded theme that we, Americans are liable to on a daily basis. So all you entrepreneurs and work from homers must pay attention to me. There's No SECRET TO SEO. It is extremely basic and I’m sure you have read this in plenty of places; it’s content. But many sources fail to say that it has to be relevant content. I tell each of my clients a similar thing and it has 3 major clauses;

1- Original Original Content

2- Popularity of your website

3- Upkeep

4- Existence

Original and Original Content is not as easy as it sounds. We are talking about unique information which will move folk to your site and avoid some black and white animals like the Panda and Penguin algorithms. See, the difficulty with many corporations showing up on the top page today is that their pages are optimised for Google with a combination of nonsense sentences and keywords. Therefore my approach is, why not build an internet site that really is optimised for humans? When you do this, you are automatically taking care of the optimization for Google. Come on people, we all know that Google has game and they're skyrocketing their technology every day finding tactics to eliminate this “optimization” deal. Google is commonly on the side of the users and never the advertisers keep that under consideration.

Guess what, when you've original and fresh content, folk will want to go to your site and link to your internet site. Hey, we just took care of Recognition as well. I’m not saying you don't need to work on the link exchange thing but I guarantee that it's going to be minimal. Also you would like to stay away from link farms, link exchange offers and coughing up for links. So I hear that question, how else am I going to bring links to my site? The answer is content. Write articles, submit it to article sites. Prepare a PR, submit it to Prweb.com. Trust me; all these will bring links to your website. All you've got to do is, mention your internet site at the end of these articles and make sure you link to your website with your publicized link text.

Now you are thinking, “That’s it; I have the content and the links, I am the king of Google”. That'd be wrong. Always recall that while you are doing content and popularity, there are 1,000,000 competitors doing that and more. So you would like to Maintain your content. You want to update it every week so every time Google spiders come to go and visit your website, they find new handy info. Keep abreast of daily life and updated stories. For example, if you sell farming supplies and the cost of grain goes up, you need to author a piece and put it in your internet site. Also publish those articles on other articles sites. You can find these sites simply with a “article submit” search on Google.

And the last but not least would be Existence. I do not wish to get all philosophical on you but you've got to have some form of existence on the web. Try to search for your company name on Google and see how many results which you get; that is your existence. You could also name this one “Brand Recognition”. You want to increase that so when somebody searches for farming supplies, they must see your name. That can be done simply by creating articles and Press Releases on a once-per-week basis. The more that you write, the more circulation you will get. If you've got a great piece of article or information, get a list of media outlets such as local and countrywide newspapers, and fax it to them. They just might bite pick it up. Never forget to include your site at the end as a source and you could have yourself 1,000,000 dollar making, traffic getting site, Google top ranking website!

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