There’s a great deal hype within the Search engine optimisation industry probably because it is a techno field plus is very competitive so everyone is endeavouring to eyebrow everyone else and get the upper edge.

Being in my antiquated 40’s – hippy 1965 baby to be exact – I have been around the IT industry well before most of the current players were out of diapers. I was there in our computer room when they unveiled the latest hard drive – it looked like a modern day top-loader washer and was the same size! All up it held a ‘breath-taking’ 40 Meg of data. Yes that is right 40 Meg! When we saw the new micro PC’s come out we felt they would never take off (we must have had IBM blood in us!) and the IT journey went on from there.

Today my ‘long teeth’ dip in my beer and my eyeballs roll back in their sockets when I hear some of the hype plastered around the Search engine optimisation playing field.

Yes SEO can be technical but only usually after you got it completely wrong at the beginning – your internet site that is. If you did not engage an Search engine optimization consultant to give you the run down BEFORE you started building then you most probably finished up with a website pierced with a million SEO holes. These web sites normally takes some fixing for sure. Most web developers have no knowledge about Search engine optimization and what they do know they rarely implement simply because they are certainly not requested to by you! Not employing a good Search engine optimisation advisor is like constructing a 3 storey property without having an architect and engineer and expecting the contractor to get it right – no way.

I encounter a good SEO site once in every 100 websites. It is a terrible track record for web-developers. Almost every other single web site is a ship filled with holes sinking in the lower regions of page 196 of Google!

So apart from adding some vibrant pros to this piece I guess I should add some substance. Well here it is – short and simple (well maybe not that short!)

Content is King

Google uses back-links a lot right now to judge a web sites popularity. However, it is currently super easy to generate back-links of high quality in large amounts to unbalance the ranking game. Google knows it’s got to find the right way to balance this out. When it does, most people’s ranking will probably come crashing towards the floor overnight.

On the other hand, Google always wants High quality content material – the best it can display. Should you have this, then because content is the only reason why we have search engines like google in the first place, your site will always excel no matter what twists and turns Google puts its search engine algorithms through.

In no way ever overlook that content rules in the Search engine optimisation jungle. Forget at your peril.

We struggled to get content on clients websites for so long until we built it into our Search engine optimisation ranking packages. We now offer a content and back-linking service (SEO.SIMPLE.) that solves this inherent problem. Now our clients get fresh unique content on their websites weekly and gain ranking results from it seeing it is Search engine optimization optimised as well.

Your content delivery engines needs to be well tuned

Don’t imagine that anyone can simply just add content to a website and miss out on the platform you will be adding it to. Google wants to ensure that the content is not only the best for the key phrase requested, but it also delivers the very best user experience. So make sure you cross your T’s and dot your SEO eyes when it comes to making certain your website provides the very best experience such as performing these :

Ensure your server is quick – Google a short time ago added this one – upgrade right now if it takes too long to download your pages

Make sure ALL images have ALT tags WITH purposeful content material

Make sure every page has a UNIQUE page title relevant to the content of the page

Fix Canonical problems (were and and etc all resolve to the same page but have different addresses. Instead they should all redirect to a single page and that page should be used throughout the site in all links. If you are on a UNIX based server this can be fixed quickly usually through the htaccess file)

Make sure there are at least 300 words of meaningful textual content on any page – the more the better for Google

Make sure that if you are utilizing a CMS that the URL’s are fixed so only words appear (and preferably keywords) and not funny programming expressions and numbers

Whenever you create a link use a keyword(s) and not the notorious ‘click here’ as the anchor text

If you cannot add content to your site (maybe you have a flash site), then at the very least add a weblog attached to your internet site – this helps a whole lot

When you next renew your current domain, renew not less than three years – after all longevity exhibits maturity and improves trust

Back-links and more back links

And lastly do not stop back-linking. Right now it’s the powerhouse for Search engine optimization but do not rely on this for the long term.

So I hope this has helped ‘de-hype’ some of the SEO resources out there and helped you along the SEO road a little bit further.

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