We all have seen RSS buttons on websites and blogs. But not all of us may know what it means. RSS is a way of syndicating published works on online sites such as blogs and news headlines to people’s personal feeds. But how many of us really know that off hand? Well according to any web marketing strategy that also focuses on social media management – more people should.

Because RSS is a way of reaching many people simultaneously, it’s vital for marketing and social media management. For example, any person involved in social media knows how important it is to go viral. YouTube videos, tweets, blog posts. Everything published on the Internet gives users the chance to broaden its reach with RSS.

RSS is also a excellent way for those in web marketing to target clients. For example, people control their RSS subscriptions to reflect their specific interests. By targeting blogs and websites that appeal to a demographic that might like a brand, you can reach everyone subscribing to those various feeds. In essence, RSS can take some work off the shoulders of the middle man of social media if information is given to blogs and websites for publication.

The problem with RSS, in my opinion, is that not a lot of people know how to use it. We’ve seen the little orange button on some of our favorite pages. But how many people are making proper use of the ability of RSS. I used to utilize it and some of my friends who wish to be kept privy to multiple news sources at once also do, but the reality is the average person might not simply because they don’t know how.

The reality is that RSS has the potential to increase the power of web marketing if used as a tool for social media. But since so many people today don’t know where to start with RSS, that isn’t the case. Perhaps, some day, more people will utilize their ability to set up an RSS feed. Then, the industries that could benefit from it most will take advantage of it.

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