Video games are a popular medium; this is not uncommon news but there is no question that there subsist games that deserve more attention. This could easily be adjusted with online marketing’s influence as it would be able to help certain games he found. Some of the best games, which aren’t exactly well-known, sometimes have good, wholesome messages. Reputation management would benefit greatly from the positive image as opposed to the most recent gritty story prevalent in mainstream titles.

An independently-made video game, Braid, has spawned a great following but it isn’t exactly a game one could consider Mario-esque in terms of popularity. However, both games are very synonymous with a few differences aside. Braid, for example, is more artistic with hand-drawn graphics to help pull a player in. The keyword ‘art’ would be an excellent choice to fit Braid and one involved in online marketing would be smart to entail it. Art is also a diverse subject and Braid would, no doubt, be found after a user types it into a search engine. Another fitting keyword would be, “time,” since the player has the ability to reverse time progression in-game.

With heavy instances of the past in mind, the point-and-click Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars would benefit greatly from increased traffic due to added keywords. The word, “Templar” alone would be manageable to produce other keywords. “Knights” and “Crusade,” to name a few, could be utilized. Reputation Management would most benefit from this since Broken Sword is somewhat educational; peppered throughout the game are historical references beneath a focused murder story.

In the realm of entertainment, more than art or history, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 can best be specified as a hybrid of thriller novel and film noir. With flourishing stories for characters that are not exactly pure of heart, a word such as “crime” could be used in a search engine to raise Hotel Dusk more sporadically. The Maltese Falcon, to identify a popular noir film, could be found alongside Hotel Dusk and neither name would seem out of place in comparison to the other. Those who find interest in old movies could find interest in this specific video game as well.

Despite the juvenile vibe that video games bring in the minds of the uninitiated, there is more of an adult nature to certain titles than what is believed. With artistic and historic influences, there are certain titles that should not be written off simply because they’re interactive. In addition, movies, which are widely supported forms of entertainment, had liberties taken from in the form of games as well. Therefore, search engines could easily bring up game titles, granted they fit keywords, and said titles would not be scoffed at before being waved aside without a word.

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