In the world of video gaming, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are the three names anyone has heard at least once in their lifespan. However, those from the outside of the video game fan conglomerate may not be aware of Nintendo’s image. Not only is Nintendo a company centered in Japan but it is considered “kiddy” in comparison to the mature offerings of Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360; this is poor reputation management on Nintendo’s part. Nintendo has to get the word out but on a greater scale. While Sony and Microsoft habitually have commercials of their own on TV regarding software, Nintendo can get publicity in their own way through online marketing.

One way for Nintendo to extend the news about their product through viral marketing is by video campaigns. For example, Photo bucket is no alien to video ads. When a user uploads a new picture or video onto their Photo bucket service, they have to sit through a loading screen to make sure the item is processed to their account. While this happens, a 30-second ad on the bottom of the page plays and it showcases a product. Nintendo can use this show of online marketing as well to show off their products like the moderately new handheld device, the 3DS.

Samples of certain 3DS video games can be displayed on websites using Flash. For those who don’t have access to the unit through a friend or don’t want to drive to a store to play at a demo kiosk, it’s possible for people to get a taste of the experience on their computer. Nintendo has their own website, showing not only the 3DS but the tremendously popular Nintendo Wii console along with the various online services both offer. It would be possible, with Nintendo’s finances due to hardware and software sales, to implement a Flash demo of a 3DS game. A game from the Mario series, or something simple that doesn’t require two screens to play, would be ideal.

Reputation management can be increased anywhere; in terms of viral marketing, it doesn’t have to come solely from the Internet. For Nintendo to maximize notoriety, perhaps thinking in a broader sense by applying advertisements would help. Nintendo has many noteworthy characters of its own. Not just relegated to Mario, Nintendo has the Legend of Zelda series and the Pokemon games, to name a few, and they would be harmless to show. Compared to the more mature examples of video game mascots, Nintendo’s characters are as close to Looney Toons-esque as one can find.

Viral marketing can help Nintendo’s identity to constantly increase in popularity and the steps to take are simple. People can walk the streets and stumble across Nintendo’s mascots on billboards, piquing their curiosity while leaving from their job, for example. However, the Internet is where notice is most common since it is used every day. Examples both in short videos and intriguing Flash mini-games will further carry people to Nintendo’s side. With these methods in mind, perhaps Nintendo can swell from being a company that, many people think, has to grow up to a more mature alternative to its competition.

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