Your internet site must be found in the search results for it to provide any particular value to your business promotional efforts. Just as before the Internet, savvy entrepreneurs would tell you that three of the most necessary ingredients to a profitable company are; location, location and location. This is also correct in the area of search results on the Web.

Unfortunately, many home business owners think that building a domain or having one built for them is the end of the process. They can not remember something that they potentially decided upon, after much research, before they established their business. In the digital age, it still is vital to grasp the signification of location, location and location re your business. In this case, location alludes to the position of your website in the search results.

If your customers could not find your store because roads weren’t clearly marked or you didn’t have access to the transport links you need operating your business, would you be surprised to discover that your business was experiencing difficulty? The same applies to the Web, your internet site must be found in the search results, to provide any results.

Search Engine Optimization is the method that attempts to establish your internet site’s location in the search results and it is as important as the physical location where you built your business.

I am not trying to explain in this piece how you can implement search engine optimization for your business website; rather I’m speaking to the seriousness of the method in creating your relative location or position in the search results. I wrote other articles and will continue to write new articles on the way the small enterprise owner can implement search engine optimization to improve their position or location in the search results.

Hopefully I have made my case for the small enterprise owner to consider a search engine optimization campaign for their business web site, to investigate the subject and either do it themselves or hire somebody to implement it for them. Remember, it’s all about those 3 necessary ingredients: location, location and location.

Frank Tibbetts is a professional business internet site developer and a search engine optimization expert who has developed the SEO part of an online course sold by a university.

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