Most website designers or developers all have the ability to create a website, and some are fantastic, but all web creators have one thing in common, the problem of getting your website seen and traffic through it. In today’s world the internet is bursting at the seams and for any new website it can be difficult to become popular.

To get your website moving up to the page rank ladder or to be popular, you must know how apply SEO web design to your site. The most important thing to do to apply SEO on your site is to stop the mistakes that common designers do with their codes. In designing a website, aesthetics is not everything to gather an audience. It is about how you code your site.

The very first thing that you must do is to hear out your audience. Your website’s content must be all about what your target audience wants to read. One way to do that is to conduct surveys. Social websites are the best place to do it. Alternatively, a more common SEO solution to getting ideas is to browse forums to get more ideas on what your target audience is talking about frequently.

Another great way to execute a good SEO campaign is to utilize keyword tools. Incorporating keywords into your website allows search engines to correctly link your website with relevant search terms. Google’s keyword tool is a good way to research keywords commonly searched for your industry and therefore help you to choose the correct keywords to use in your site.

However, keyword density plays a big factor on whether or not your site will be ranked well. Search engines can class over use of keywords as spam and therefore this can be detrimental to your SEO campaign. This will also lose you traffic as your site ranks lower and jamming a site full of keywords can make it look messy and difficult to understand making your site look unprofessional.

To give you more idea to keywords, a good article has around two keywords per 100 words. A good article ranges from 300 to 500 words; with that, you can usually put six to ten keywords per article that you will create. Additionally to make your SEO solution more effective, you can put them in the title tag, main headings, and the page’s URL.

When implementing SEO website design into your website you think of the links associated with it and the links placed outside of your site are just as important as the ones placed inside you site. You must ensure all pages within your site link together properly as search engines crawlers see each page. When using articles you can also include links to your website pages in the article body. It would also prove beneficial to have a site map or archive section on your website.

Integrating a good SEO strategy into your website is what will help you to gain page ranking and provide more traffic flow to your website. A site that looks fantastic with all the bells and whistles may be what looks good but it is not what will get your website seen. Never underestimate the power of a unique and well written article. This is what your target audience are looking for and what could make them a returning visitor. [youtube:j6SGrwBOl0A?version=3; Affordable website design and SEO solution in Dorset UK [link:Website design dorset];]

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