Setting up a full-blown site is not simple and easy at all when you compare it to a blog. Creating a blog does not require technical know-how at all; there’s no programming involved and no file transfers have to be done. When you decide on a blog rather than a site, you can be up and running on the Internet in a much shorter period. Although you can set up your blog and monetize it right away, getting traffic is not as effortless or quick. It doesn’t actually matter if you have a web site or a blog, when it is new, you need to develop ways to pull in traffic.

One thing that blog sites can use is the ping system. Whenever you make a new post, or have new content, in order to get it indexed, it can be pinged, which is how the search engines are notified. The spiders will go to your site to take a look at the new content as soon as the ping is made. The crawlers will index fresh, unique content, keeping them in the search engine cache. Any time folks search on the keywords contained in your page content, these will be all set to be shown to them. Traffic derived from the search engines is excellent traffic, since it is so relevant, and that is the type of traffic a webmaster relishes.

There are actually blog directories where you could list your blog, which will also provide you with traffic. Literally thousands of folks visit these directories every day, looking for blogs that are highly relevant to their needs, and they could as a result visit your website. Another way to drive traffic to your web site is through the use of blog carnivals. What makes blog carnivals so appealing is that people with interests just like yours get introduced to your website. Consequently you are going to get visitors who enjoy your subject. If you’re only starting out, this is a fairly easy way to start traffic coming to your site.

A good way for bringing traffic to your site is to post comments on other websites. The way you accomplish this is by becoming a participant in discussion boards or paying visits to other blogs in your niche market. When you post sensible comments on other people’s blogs, the site visitors can read your comments and follow your link back to your blog. The same applies with regards to community forums in your area of interest that you take part in. Since your blog and the forums are in the very same niche, you should get plenty of visitors who are keen on the subject of your blog. Should you need more traffic, then you start getting involved in more forums that match your website.

Community forums enable you to have a link back to your site in your signature, which appears with each and every one of your posts. You can actually therefore strongly influence your traffic flow by posting more often in more forums.

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