Earning passive income, especially online, is the dream of almost everyone I know. However, there’s at least one essential element needed to achieve this – online traffic. Your level of succes is going to be driven by the number of people going to your site. Thus, you have to figure out the best way to get traffic.

It goes without saying that backlinks are the answer. In essence, those visiting your site express their opinion of its value through the use of backlinks. Simply put, more backlinks will translate into a higher ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Moreover, the result of a higher search engine ranking is usually more traffic. In short, we have now gotten down to the nitty gritty: the need for more backlinks.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get backlinks. Moreover, you can actually get lots of backlinks at absolutely no cost, as you can see below:

SocialAdr: SocialAdr is a site that takes a little bit of a different approach to backlinking. Basically, you sign up and agree to post backlinks on approximately 20 social bookmarking sites to the websites and blogs of other members. Through this means, you earn credits that can be applied to having others bookmark your websites and blogs in the same manner. As it is free to join, it’s a great way to get a lot of free backlinks.

SocialMonkee: How do you like the idea of getting 25 free backlinks automatically created every day? Sounds nice, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what SocialMonkee provides. The only catch to this deal is the fact that the same URL can only be submitted once. Still, 25 free backlinks pre day works out to be 750 per month. Moreover, you are free to upgrade whenever you like to a paid subscription, which allows you to submit to 3 URLs each day to up to 100 sites – plus you can submit URLs more than once.

Summing up, backlinks are without doubt an essential element when it comes to online marketing. They will help you rise up through the search engine rankings and increase your online traffic. Therefore, the decision to utilize free backlinks shouldn’t require a lot of thought or effort.

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