Typically when we think about S.E.O, the very first thing that comes into our minds is link building. This is probably the most important factor for search engine optimization, nonetheless it has lost its power with the latest updates. Quality and important back-links is still effective but there is another factor that is getting more and more urgent and this is onsite S.E.O. If you have well optimised your website, you may actually need less back links for ranking.

The most important point for better onsite SEO is the standard of the content we create on our site. The first and most essential factor is to make informative, well-written and handy content for the visitors. Then it's going to be loved also by search engines.I will explain below tasks to do in order to make your content more optimized for Google.

The URL of the posts should contain the keyword you write your article about, by changing the permalink structure. The text must contains at least 350 words. Shorter articles can be useful but you'll have less chance to utilise the keyword. I think article between 600 to 800 is the best solution for onsite S.E.O.

Optimize your content only for 1-2 keywords. Your keyword saturation should be somewhere bet 2-3% and you ought to use also related keywords.Try to make compelling titles that contains the keyword with a topical word. You will have a better click through rates for your title and it will be optimised.

You should also use meta description and keywords. Outline is still an important thing so attempt to write a topical one. Meta keywords isn't so important for search engines but I shoudl use it again. Announcements are also a big element; H1 for title and H2-H3 for your optimized keywords. You need to also use pictures with proper ALT tags with your keywords.

Videos are also relevant and handy content; your visitors will stay more time on page which is also a major element for search websites. Bold, Italics and underlines are also part of the tactic for your most important keywords often in the first and the last paragraph.You will have also to add links for the other articles of your websites; interlinking is also a great way to improve your onsite S.E.O.

These are other vital factors to improve your onsite SEO. I suggest to use also social sharing buttons. You will get more traffic by this way and it?s also a big factor for search enginesSince the velocity of loading internet site is also a major factor, I highly suggest to use a good host provider for your website.

If you'd like to build S.E.O effective websites you must first concentrate on your onsite optimisation to get higher rankings.

Dany is a veteran S.E.O consultant and like to share tips in his personal blog.

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