Time for some honesty: no one likes having a jumbled mailbox. Amongst the many letters from the bank or postcards from friends, how many pieces of junk mail which claims that they can win great prizes after jumping through various hoops does a person receive? Everyone might have obtained the same thing but it does not have to be a nuisance if web marketing is any indication. If done right, an exact piece of mail that is sent to several people can be beneficial to both the receiver as well as those who are creditworthy for social media management.

Almost everyone is part of a mail listing of some kind, whether they realize it or not. For example, eBay has a user count so massive that if one were to list off the many people registered, they would at least lose a couple of days from their lives. With a registration comes the need for an e-mail address and this is where a sense of web marketing comes into play. A select pick of eBay users can be handed a newsletter to show a variety of deals as well as coupon codes one can apply at checkout. A good price is something no one can easily shove off, especially if it attracts their interest.

A set of interests can also be a target for direct mail and social media management will have to work to fit the needs of said target. Amazon.com, a popular seller’s website, can list off a suggested array of items to a user based on what they’ve browsed for in the past. Amazon’s best idea, as far as appealing to a group of several people at once, is to assemble those with similar interests. For example, those who recently performed searches for cookbooks might be suggested products from Rachel Ray.

Sometimes, a company will have to go to greater measures to make sure they are being taken seriously; even if it means that their wallets take small hits in the process. Applebee’s, TGI Fridays and Buffalo Wild Wings are well-known restaurant organizations. Those who are struggling to get the word out, though, have to work twice, if not three, times as hard. The restaurant can copy and send out a specific letter to several mailboxes and inside of it is a coupon good for $10 off of an entire dinner purchase. While profit may be cut, the success that the restaurant will see if customers come back will easily pay for it.

Direct mail does not have to be restrictive to a piece of physical mail; in fact, e-mail seems to slowly become the more preferred choice of the two. Both can be sent direct mail and, if the companies are slick enough, the results can speak for themselves. Some companies might target people based on similar interest and work off of that or mailing lists will give people offers that others will not have access to. The exclusivity of the offers alone should be enough for people to comprehend that all direct mail is not merely garbage.

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