For every successful musician in the business, there are thousands more striving to make their own dreams come true. Each of the musicians has a goal of bright lights and stardom. While their motivations might fluctuate widely, all of those musicians face an uphill battle to find success. This is why shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice” having become so popular. Something that may support those musicians is having an online marketing firm. If you think that web marketing techniques don’t work, take into consideration one of the biggest pop stars in the country who got his start on YouTube.

YouTube is a apparently perfect outlet for a musician to make a splash. They can record videos of themselves playing and post them online for possible fans to view. The hard part is getting people to actually see those videos. This is why many upcoming singers play covers of hit songs so that when people Google those songs, the cover variations come up in the search results. 99 out of 100 people may ignore the cover but if the 1 person who doesn’t skip it passes it on, there’s more visibility for that artist.

While MySpace might be a mere shadow of what it was during its heyday, it did provide musicians with some amazing help to push their singing to the masses. They could post songs and videos to their page. Now you can do that on Facebook without all of the confusing to load formats that users abused on MySpace. Fans can “like” the musicians page and with luck , their friends will try the new artist out.

Another tactic that an online marketing firm should give consideration to is Spotify. Since Spotify can be attached directly to someone’s Facebook account, a user’s friends can see exactly what song that person listened to. Having a link to click on and being able to listen to the song immediately without having to go search for it could provide endless new vistas for a new artist to explore.

Musicians really have to take advantage of all of the options that web marketingoffers. Publicists and agents can be very costly. But Facebook and YouTube are free. A savvy musician will use every available tool to promote himself. Yes, the work will be difficult but the payoff can be huge.

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