How difficult can article marketing be, right? All you have to do is write some articles and publish them to reap the SEO benefits. Of course, there is more to the effective use of articles to build your business and bring loyal readers to your website or blog. What is the best way to do article marketing and what other benefits can be gained from writing articles about your business?

While many people think that article marketing is as simple as just writing an article and somehow getting it published, when was the last time you wrote a report in excess of 500 words? How long would it take you to write an article that captivates readers and makes them want to read more? Most of us haven’t written anything in excess of 500 words or more since our college days, but this is just one aspect of article marketing that causes many business owners to stumble when they first get all excited about promoting their business through article marketing.

Article marketing is often the base of many successful SEO campaigns. Writing high quality articles that inform and entertain your potential customers while providing valuable links back to your website helps the overall SEO for your site. You will be boosting your popularity with search engines while helping people at the same time.

While everyone knows that publishing articles online can help your SEO rankings, if you’re not careful and if you’re not sure of what you’re doing, article marketing done incorrectly can actually hurt your website’s overall score. While many people believe that more is better when it comes to links back to your website when it comes to SEO, thousands of poor quality links built very quickly can hurt your SEO rankings. Fewer high quality links built slowly over a period of time is the way to go if your goal is to gain favor with the search engines. A few links from websites with a bad reputation can really harm your website.

A good article should be written for human readers and not just search engines. This means a title that sucks the reader in and makes them want to find out more. The overall content and message should be clever and fresh and it should either enterain your reader or give them some helpful information and then close with an offer to learn more by clicking on a link back to your website. Other factors like keyword density and anchor text come into play but writing articles that actually help people and are written for readers is of the utmost importance when you really want to get the most out of article marketing.

Getting your articles posted on websites where your customers are is really the trick to becoming successful with article marketing. Getting your article distributed or having it syndicated can help your business in ways that you never imagined. Creating relationships with blog owners who are looking for content for their websites, doing guest blog posts and being known as someone that writes good quality articles pays off in ways that you never imagined. Once you are known, your article is spread across the internet with very little effort and you gain even more readers and even more backlinks to your website.

If you’re thinking of doing article marketing on your own I do encourage you to give it a try. You know your business and your niche better than any professional writer and although it might be difficult to back into the swing of writing reports or articles again, the overall method hasn’t changed much since high school. Basically, if you were able to pass a high school level creative writing course then you can do article marketing somewhat successfully and promote your own business.

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