Hence you would like to be in the Google Top 10? Then this S.E.O Elite Review on the Top Ten things to keep clear of when planning and optimizing your internet site will ensure your internet site gets maximum exposure without taking on penalties. SEO Unparalleled Professionals Worldwide have graciously contributed to this Google top ten article and at this time agree that this list of optimization no-no’s are valid at the time of writing.

SEO Select Review To Title Tag Stuffing

Advice – Title tag stuffing is a No-No!

S.E.O Elite Review To Keyword Stuffing Within Website Content

Keyword Saturation is a No-No!

S.E.O Top-flight Review To Comment Tag Stuffing

Comment Tags are used to include design notes in the background source code when creating a website page. Comment tags are supposed to be used for adding instructions or reminders to your html code; previously, these tags were used to artificially increase the keyphrase count/vicinity for targeted keyword phrases.

SEO Unparalleled Guidance – Comment tag stuffing is a No-No!

S.E.O Top-notch Review To Hidden Text

Text that is hidden from the view of website visitors by mixing in the same colour text as the background color was once, a really long time ago, a workable asset to building your website, nowadays it is normally regarded as the fastest way to see your internet site plummet out of the Google top ten and into obliviousness. S.E.O Top-flight Guidance – Concealed text is a resounding No-No!

SEO Top-flight Review To Reciprocated Linking

Linking to other websites has long been an efficient way of gaining links back into your internet site. Reciprocal linkage is where you've got to give a link back in return for the benefit of linking to other websites. This actually is a legitimate S.E.O plan nevertheless , we've found that using this method solely to return links to your site can and does have a detrimental effect on being in the Google top ten search results. It is much better and more profitable to use this method leniently, mixing in other techniques of gaining one way back links into your internet site. Such techniques as article promotion, index submission and good traditional begging and pleading for a back link is more desirable. S.E.O Elite Information – Reciprocated linking on it’s own is a No-No!

SEO Elite Review To Buying Site Wide Links

Buying Links from sites is a fast way to get your internet site noticed on the net , however , purchasing site wide links like footer or sidebar links across a domain with over 100 pages has been revealed to be another way of dropping out of the google top ten. Now it is misleading as to the way in which the Google processes work out such a method and our S.E.O Elite Information – Purchasing site wide links is a No-No!

S.E.O Elite Review To Link Importance

Relevancy appears to be the ‘buzz ‘ word abounding the internet at this time, especially within the S.E.O community. Gaining links back to your website solely from irrelevant webpages will not assist you in either getting your website to the Google top 10 or perhaps keeping it within the holy grail of search positions.

SEO Select Information – Getting all your links from irrelevant sites is a definite No-No!

SEO Select Review To Link Anchor Text

Anchor text is employed generally by webmasters to add relevancy to their link text on websites. This can and does increase the keyword relevancy of any site wishing to rank well for a chosen key-phrase. The serious drawback to this type of system comes when the same link anchor text is used repeatedly across a significant number of websites. We'd suggest that you mix'n'match different keyword phrases into your anchor text links. This is again where the word relevancy becomes active and is far more of advantage to getting those Google top ten positions. S.E.O Elect Advice – employing the same key-phrase repeatedly in your anchor text is a No-No!

This work is in no fashion the final installment on ranking your website in the Google top 10, since search engine algorithms and resources are continuously developing and refining. However , it is our goal to keep you informed of the most important info, we hope you have enjoyed our SEO prime review of Google top ten no-no’s and therefore the info contained inside aids you in gaining those top positions in the Google search results.

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