There is no one specific language that is spoken throughout the whole world. Different people from different countries and continents speak different languages. During conferences where people have been invited from different countries, communication becomes a problem due to the language barrier. This has led to the development of Simultaneous translation equipment which enables interpretation of one language into a variety of languages.

There are mainly two kinds of translation apparatus that are used frequently. They comprise of the infrared and the Radio frequency kind. The infrared type is quite useful especially in meetings where the transmission range is low since the wavelength is shorter than the radio waves. The disadvantages of this kind are that it requires expertise during installation and that it can only transmit over a limited range.

The Radio frequency kind is used especially in very large conferences where the range of transmission is quite large. It is also quite easy to install. Any individual with basic sound knowledge can easily install it without undergoing any difficulties. The equipment also has several frequencies that can be used.

Having the above apparatus ensures that there is no language barrier. Conferences would be organized to have invitees from all over the world. The people that will attend therefore will be speaking different languages and there is no one specific language that can be used to communicate. Each person is then given a headset with different options of the languages and one selects the language they are most comfortable with.

The above equipment ensures that interpretation takes place immediately. As the individual making a speech talks, whatever they are talking is immediately interpreted to various languages. All people attending the meeting are thus at one level in terms of communicating.

Every person attending the conference is normally given a headset that necessitates the interpretation. As the person giving the speech is talking the translation also occurs simultaneously. This saves a lot of time because the one giving the speech does not need to pause so as to give the interpreter time to interpret. Time that would have been wasted waiting for the interpreter is thus eliminated.

Communication is only considered to be communication if there is feedback. Feedback is possible if the person providing the feedback has clearly understood the idea the other individual was trying to put across. Since there is no language barrier feedback can be easily provided by the attendees. In addition the attendee can provide their feedback using their own language which will be translate into the different languages.

Simultaneous translation equipment is quite useful especially during conferences. This is because people can communicate easily and understand the proceedings. The available types of equipment can be used depending on the needs of the conference

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