As a professional, you spend a lot of time working. Aside from seeing to your clients’ needs, you also try to be updated with current legal issues and even bring home some work with you. That’s why it makes perfect sense to squeeze all you can out of all those efforts you put into it. If you could work 20 hours rather than 40 to win a case or close a deal (assuming you got paid the same), you’d obviously prefer to work 20 hours.

[youtube:pEfCqpQSbUY;[link:Law Firm Marketing];] Law Firm SEO has become quite a favorite among law firm and lawyer marketers due to its power of drawing in new clients for legal practitioners everywhere. If you or your firm is making use of law firm SEO, then you should also be ensuring that you’re getting as much as you can from as little time and money as you can spend. Here are some tips to help accomplish that:

Work closely with your SEO Consultant. If you hired a third party to do the SEO marketing on your behalf, close coordination is necessary. Doing so will provide the obvious benefit that they’ll likely do better work, since they know that you’re the type of client who constantly checks in. Since you are hands on, you are most likely to spot which parts of the SEO marketing works and which doesn’t so you can immediately point out to them which needs some tweaking or enhancement. Just because they manage to increase your traffic doesn’t instantly mean they’re doing a very good job because many of those potential clients may be the wrong types, or they might not become actual clients.

Blog on your main interests or thrusts. If you keep up a blog for attorney marketing purposes (not necessary but certainly not harmful), then make sure to always blog about the latest things you’ve read or learned with respect to your practice. Doing so will reinforce what you’ve learned (I personally always like to find ways to remember things better), and it will also show potential clients what your specialties are and how well you keep up with them. If you try to blog too much just for the purpose of targeting good keywords, then you’ll generally write only mildly interesting articles and will also typically jump from one topic to another, confusing potential clients about what it is that you focus on.

Single out your law firm SEO. Seo consultants and writers give this tip quite often, and for good reason. It is always better to get the rapt interest of 100 people than the passing interest of 100,000, which is why being specific is given much import. This is doubly true when it comes to search engine optimization, since searches themselves are very specific. People who are specifically looking for lawyers to advise them on matters regarding child custody would be more inclined to choose those who present themselves as child custody lawyers instead of the broader ‘family lawyers’ tag.

[I:]Apart from the above tips, the best advice that I ever got as a lawyer was to use SEO the same way that I would any other networking or marketing tool. Treat it as something that will make you more visible to the kind of potential clients that you’re looking to attract and will give you the opportunity to present them with some sort of relevant sales pitch. Don’t try to illegitimately game the search engines or post things that actual potential clients wouldn’t find both interesting and compelling. If you don’t, you may regret it in the end.

Marketing is a game and task that many lawyers and law firms view as a necessary evil, but SEO can make it both easier and somewhat more interesting if you follow the above tips and find ways to integrate your interests and experiences with everything that you publish and post online. If you take advantage of it, it will spell big business – and big profits – for your legal practice.

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