Apple‘s recent success is stupid, and the company does not mind bragging about it. During the launching of the upgraded 2012 iPad, Apple discussed some jaw dropping statistics that truly put into perspective the company's huge expansion. It’s one important thing to hear that Apple is now the most important commpany in the world , but to grasp that it’s bigger than the Exxon oil empire galvanizes at least some astonishment. However , that isn’t what Apple discussed at the iPad announcement event.

Before the company revealed the new iPad to the world , it discussed some sales numbers concerning its post-pc devices, which are defined as the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. For example, by Jan 1, 2012, Apple had sold over 315 million post-pc devices. 62 million of those products were sold in Q4 2011 alone. Wow.

Every single one of those iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch slates feature immediate accessibility to the iTunes media and App Store. With 585,000 programmes available for purchasing or freely, Apple offers more access to fine quality, low-priced mobile programmes than any other smartphone or tablet ecosystem. Apple always gets a cut of any coin that exchange’s hands in the iTunes store, so that’s a continued and growing revenue stream for the company that other makers have been unable to emulate successfully.

You may be shocked to discover that post-pc devices account for 76% of Apple’s income. That implies that Macs, monitors, software, guaranties/service and iTunes media accounts for the rest. Remember, the mobile industry is a market Apple barely broke into in 2007. In just four years, the mobile industry turned Apple into the most important company in the world. Till now, only the energy industries,eg the oil industry, have managed to support such giants.

And with that momentum, Apple sold more iPads in the last quarter than any PC brand in 2011.

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