Google’s launch of the Penguin update crafted a cloud of chaos and fear among SEOs of the online industry. What do these optimisers and marketers fear? Well, they fear for their website’s rankings. Google’s known habit of unleashing updates that impact or upset current ranking results has traumatised most Internet marketers and has placed them on a cycle of fear and apprehension when it comes to implementing optimisation techniques.

Web specialists are thinking of a way out of this scenario of being haunted by Google’s policies. The plan, to have immunity from these Google updates, is to attend to a good content creation strategy. Web sites that have great content and relevant information are hardly ever touched and victimised by Penguin and Panda. This plan adheres to the idea uttered by Google’s very own Matt Cutts, who stated that great content can trump SEO.

So is it right to say that SEO is dead? No. Is it appropriate to say that SEO can be thrown away? No. Certainly, the purpose of SEO is still the same. The effectiveness, though, hugely relies on how the online optimiser tackles the optimisation techniques.

The reason it has a diminishing value is that most optimisers and marketers today no longer adhere to the prescribed SEO techniques of search engines like Google. These unscrupulous online professionals, particularly those that practice black hat SEO, choose mindless SEO methods that don’t bring in any value to users.

The lesson is simple: to obtain best ranking results, a delicate balance between SEO and good content should be observed. Without good content, SEO ceases to offer something valuable to users. Without SEO, good content never reaches its audience.

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