There was a time when professional wrestling was an underground phenomenon sensation. Those who were aware of and enjoyed the entire spectrum range of sports entertainment felt like they were part of something elite. Times change, of course, and so did the spectacle many fans invested wasted themselves in. Several companies businesses folded due to bad decision making and lack of talented performers. Promoters needed to bring in more revenue income by any means necessary. This is where professional wrestling finds itself as the most long-standing and well-known company, World Wrestling Entertainment, is deep into the mainstream popular crowd and reputation management by an online marketing firm can utilize it.

Many wrestling fans of old recently considered the product to be too tame unexciting. The changes in the soap opera-like storylines were predictable and the matches inside of the squared circle felt mundane repetitive in comparison to what the 90’s produced. Gone Missing were the loose cannon diatribes from men like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Now the wrestlers must choose their words wisely smartly while still coming across as legitimate threats for the sake of TV shows. Sports entertainment is less racy and geared more towards a younger audience but the change is beneficial helpful to a client’s reputation management.

WWE took steps to become more appealing persuasive to the masses and perhaps the biggest was Be a STAR, which was co-founded alongside the Creative Coalition. STAR is an acronym form for Show Tolerance and Respect. The “Be a STAR campaign” is an anti-bullying collaboration, the goal being to put an end to bullying violence. Along with WWE’s talent, other noteworthy renown faces such as David Arquette and Jordin Sparks took a stand against bullying. The group of names alone make WWE the dream of an online marketing firm. Many may criticize WWE for taking part in an anti-bullying campaign considering the company surrounds encompasses itself with violence but the intentions are good.

Inside of the company are stars that can be viewed regarded as role models. The face of the WWE, John Cena, has a fanbase of predominately traditionally children. They look up to him as a hero idol and since he’s a harmless figure in brightly colored outfits and an unassuming attitude, he is looked up to. Cena is akin to Superman in that he rarely does wrong and is able to ultimately defeat his adversary competitor. It’s a character concept that can be seen as boring lackluster to some but his ability to make sports entertainment seem clean-cut is undeniable.

A client must be able to utilize take advantage of the massive audience WWE has in order to strengthen reputation. The “Be a STAR campaign” is a good start launch, showing that despite what the performers act out in the ring, they are no different from anyone else. They were bullied like those who watch see them on TV. The campaign also possesses several partners such as Scholastic Inc., LiveJournal and GLAAD, further expanding the range collection of viewers. Using the likeness likeness of superhero-like stars such as John Cena is another step to take. Cena is to current WWE what Babe Ruth was to baseball in that his name and reputation notoriety carry weight. Reputation management can be brought up, surprisingly enough, by a company whose reputation was not so friendly in the past.

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