Google launched its new privacy policy on March 1. There are many things described in the revolutionary privacy policy but in understandable terms, Google has been collecting information and keeping a record search behaviour of its users so that they know very well what search results it will give its web users best.

This is the reason sometimes when you’re signed into Gmail and you have recently sent numerous emails for a lawyer, the sponsored links from Google will show lawyer-related links.

How Does The Privacy Policy Influence SEO?

If anything, the brand new privacy policy reinforces Google’s essence function as like a search engine, despite it releasing Google Search, Plus Your World which is a social networking website.

How the privacy policy was highlighted in view of SEO could be because Google will give its visitors a different search result experience determined by what Google has tracked as an individual search behaviour. Also Google has offered collaboration of its products. For instance, if you are signed in to Google Docs and you desire to share the document via electronic mail, Google will foretell from its Gmail contact list the email addresses of people whom Google believes would be the recipient of such file.

Is There A Way To Stop Google From Accessing Your Information?

The beauty of using Google is freedom. As it introduces so many products which, for some people, do make sense to collaborate, users still have the choice which products to use.

One new product from Google is the social network site Search Plus Your World. Instead of the public search results, you will now be able to find out what your closest friends or family members think about a certain search query you’ve entered. For example you are trying to find pet store, so if people from your Google+ circles have posted about pet store, then this can come out on the search results over the public searches.

Whatever Google launches in the future, it will remain faithful to its core structure which is search. As a result, we’re seeing a long-term engagement betweeen SEO and Google.

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