Local SEO- What is it?

SEO and Local SEO have some differences, although this is a little known fact. SEO, for those who don’t know, stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is used to give a business or individual increased visibility on the Internet. It uses information such as the inner workings of search engines, keywords, and the content within a website so that search engines will easily recognize it as relevant for many search terms pull it up towards the top of a search results page. Local SEO is a form of SEO, and appeals to a more narrow and specialized market.

Local SEO is used when a company operates in a specific area. Companies that may choose to use Local SEO would be restaurants, plumbers, or hair salons since these do not operate within a national market. Companies that ship internationally or are based online would not use Local SEO. To use Local SEO a company needs to have an established brick and mortar location.

The main goal of SEO is to get your company to rank highly on Google. Many people perceive this to mean being on the front page of Google, and more specifically at the top of the front page. What we traditionally think of as Google is the main page that shows up when we type in Google.com, but there are many other parts of Google- one of them being Google Maps. This is the page used for Local SEO. Google Maps shows a map with the locations of businesses, reviews, and lets a user easily find directions to the business. Sometimes, Google places Google Maps results on the front page, but usually only the first few results. To see all of the results, you have to click on the Google Maps tab.

How is Google Maps beneficial when we so often think of the first page of Google as the best place to be? Having your company listed on Google Maps will narrow down your market so that only people looking for your specific offerings in your town will find you. It keeps you from being lost amongst a bunch of irrelevant businesses in other towns. Now more than ever, being optimized on a page like Google Maps is important. With an increase in the use of smart phones such as the iPhone, many people are searching for businesses on the go. When they search using their phone, it automatically picks up businesses near them.

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